Loft 415- Today there is a growing trend in both downsizing and living small. Freeing oneself of clutter, overwhelming possessions and just plain stuff serves to enhance the time we have to enjoy life. Less is once again, more! The reality of living small is somewhat more challenging than the lofty ideal. Life still requires us to have possessions. When combining our everyday needs with small spaces and open concept living, the requirement for storage becomes paramount. Within this 415 square foot loft condominium are the basic necessities of life plus a few amenities. Not the least of which is an expansive view through the large windows, immediately adjacent to the primary living spaces.


The architectural concept is that of a series of passing planes (walls), dividing this small loft condominium into clearly defined living spaces. Storage is concealed behind one of these planes and cumulates in a work space that can expand into the dining space when necessary. To give a more expansive feel, the space defining walls do not touch the ceiling, allowing visual continuity of the entire unit volume. A hole is cut into one of the planes, filled with a wood panel defining the head board of the bed but also suggesting an opening to additional space beyond. In addition to the space defining wall planes, a lower height pie shaped object is constructed as if a large piece of furniture to separate the kitchen space from the sleeping space, also providing necessary storage. Carefully selected furnishings serve multi-functional purposes and custom fabricated carpets further the space definitions. Varying hues in similar values are used to complete the design theme.
General Contractor: Sid Sibley



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