York Maine- This fully restored and adapted carriage house has everything except a front door. A small back door is the only true entry. Positioned stately on a small plot steps from the ocean, visitors are confronted with how to enter. Being close to the ocean, outdoor life is an important aspect of the home’s use. The goal of this project was two-fold; create a “formal” front entry that welcomes visitors as well as an outdoor living space to enjoy the sun and ocean breezes.

Hard and soft landscaping elements in conjunction with a columned porch serve to define a gracious revised entry while also serving as an outdoor living space. The porch decking flows to the ground level pavers which define a formal elliptical green lawn. A trellis is used to screen the driveway and more clearly define the path of entry, strategically placed plantings further screen the neighboring homes and enhance this cohesive outdoor space to serve multiple functions.











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