About Chris

With over twenty five years of experience in the architectural profession, I have completed a full range of projects in the commercial, institutional and residential markets. My work spans across several states and overseas. A good portion of my career consisted of working on large scale institutional projects. I have since transitioned to residential design, focusing on homeowner’s needs. Currently, I am a licensed practitioner and hold my registration in New Hampshire. I am also an accredited professional in “green” building design (LEED AP). Having this broad experience, I bring sensible, responsible and innovative design to your project needs.

As a sole proprietor, I provide my clients with personal attention, direct access and shared participation in the design process. Each home has individual characteristics, every site has unusual features and each client has unique goals. Together we create custom architectural solutions that fit within the existing context and craft architectural interiors that speak to a sense of home while designing spaces that serve the inhabitants. My work is not restricted to one style but guided by the surrounding environment, programmatic requirements and people’s desires. Working together with both clients and builders to solve the challenges a project may present, including schedule and working within economic parameters, is a strength of my work.

Whether you are planning a renovation, addition or new construction, see how adding my design experience can help you: save money, solve problems, find unique solutions, simplify your life and give clarity to your own design ideas.

Regions served:
New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
I am registered in NH. I provide residential design services throughout New England and beyond in accordance with the International Residential Code. Where special conditions exist or are required by the local building official, I can provide the necessary certification through partnerships with other architects. Through the years I have assisted clients throughout New England and have completed projects as far away as Saudi Arabia. Building relationships that transcend distance allows me to assist people in many ways. Technology has made distance much less a factor than it once was.



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