Architectural Services

Design can be defined in many ways. Everything in our world at one time was designed, sometimes for better or worse. Architecture has shaped our lives whether we know it or not. It is part of the human experience, sometimes emotional and other times subject to more practical economic ramifications. Homes evoke more emotion in us than most any other structures, this is important to our sense of self-worth, an intangible value inherently contained within the walls we live. The home also represents an investment, one of the most important ones we may every make and contains real value.

I can assist you in realizing both the emotional and actual value in your home through quality thoughtful design. Design can take the form of an entire new home, an addition or an exterior landscaped living space. My experience and vision has been honed to see through conditions that exist, to a new home that can become yours. Whether you need a short design consultation or services involving detailed drawings for a renovation, an addition or new construction, I can customize my experience and tailor my vision to your needs. Together we can craft an environment that is uniquely your own.








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