“I worked with Chris on a gut renovation of the third floor of my 100 year old home in Boston. Overall, Chris was outstanding. He laid out a thorough and efficient process for choosing the design and delivered the plans sooner than he promised. As with any older house, there were some tricky problems to work around and Chris came up with creative solutions to all of them. When we ran into a structural problem with the floor, Chris hired an engineer and worked out a solution to solve it. He also did extensive research on how to solve some technical insulation problems with the roof. He was professional and easy to work with. My contractor said he was a little "particular" and I loved it! Just what I am looking for in an architect. I would recommend him to anyone. John H.

Christopher Barry is an excellent architect who provides a serious overall approach to his work. He takes everything into consideration - balancing good designs that solve problems, with building costs and budgetary constraints. Along with that, he believes in the team approach to every solution which also includes the client. Possessed with a charming personality, he is a pleasure to work with.”
Michael Prodanou Associates

“When it was time for us design our new home Chris helped us meet all our family’s needs. His design was amazing. We enjoyed working with him.” George & Loula B

“Chris provided outstanding design service for me in building out my loft condo. He had great ideas, worked quickly, created new drawings after our discussions and was extremely helpful. I highly recommend him.” Nat B

“When my Back Bay condo was destroyed in a fire, I needed an architect to save me from the boiler plate reconstruction mandated by our insurer. I hired Chris Barry who took my lifestyle into account and created custom designs that met specific needs: built-ins and dramatic details at a controllable cost. His work was timely and polished. I may have worried more than necessary, but the end product was worth it.” Curt A

“Chris helped me renovate my condo in Boston. With his expert knowledge we were able to keep to the budget but yet develop solutions that are solid. Chris delivers creative, practical ideas that really work.” Richard D

“We have used Chris' services on multiple renovation projects. He has the ability to imagine, explain and execute. Having Chris involved keeps you sane throughout the process. He listens to your needs and somehow exceeds your expectations. Wish I had another project so I could have Chris work on it. Top notch.” Andrew E

“Chris and I have had a very successful collaboration on the interior renovation of a home in NH. Not only is Chris visually astute with a great eye for architectural detail, scale and spatial relationships, he is as respectful and fun as he is clever. In working with the clients he showed an ability to listen and translate problems into practical and beautiful solutions which he helped illustrate beautifully in his working drawings. Articulate and careful, he is still free-spirited and fun in his outlook on design and project work. In putting our heads together to discuss problems, Chris was always respectful of my thoughts and I found it very easy to get to the core of problems and offer solutions that were truly collaborative. When collaboration works successfully in this manner, it is a total win/win for the client. I am happy and proud of this project which is about to go into construction. I look forward to working with Chris in future projects.” Ann Henderson

“We hired Chris to design and oversee construction of a major renovation of our Boston Condominium. Throughout the process, Chris was ingenious in his design, meticulous in attention to detail, and innovative in solving unexpected issues during construction. To say we were happy with the results is an understatement. His work was outstanding and Chris was a pleasure to work with. In fact, the following year we hired him for the downstairs of our unit and were again very happy. We would recommend him without any reservation.” Joe & Nancy R.

“Chris can best be described as creative, a visionary and a person with great attention to detail. Several years ago Chris helped me transform the upper floor of my penthouse duplex condominium from a boxy, 1980 retro look to a sleek open kitchen, dining and living room space at which my friends and I still marvel. Not only were Chris’s prices reasonable but he was with me during every step of the project, guiding me through design, implementation and right through to completion of the renovation. I would highly recommend Chris for anyone requiring his services.” Mark A.



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