Why engage Chris as your architect:

Design is not easy:  Design and construction are inherently exciting but not easy. I have been designing for over twenty five years and I still come across projects that require challenging solutions. If you think you can do it yourself (DIY), think again. Almost all building projects, no matter how small, or apparently simple, contain issues to resolve. Finding three dimensional resolutions to multi-dimensional constraints requires visualization and building skills. Most of this work takes place in the two dimensional world through drawings and other documentation. Your home is a valuable asset. With your input and your design ideas the details should be left to people who have been trained to help realize your goals. I have witnessed too many people spend large sums on their dreams to be disappointed by the results. Worse yet, at some point they have to find someone else willing to buy their creation. See making money below.

Problem solving:  Architects are creative problem solvers, trained to translate your desires, wants and needs into three dimensional spaces. Design is only about 5% making it beautiful and 95% about function. Although many people believe they can do it themselves, few realize how complicated it is to design a successful project. Unprepared, people find themselves lost in the maze of building codes, zoning ordinances, inspectors requirements, contractors questions, poor documentation with no one to turn to. I can help you find solutions to your needs, alternatives you did not consider, options you might not think of yourself and mediate among the many people involved in your project.

Saving money:  A project cannot be quantified or competitively bid without a comprehensive set of documents. Many of my clients have saved my entire fee and more just through the ability to bid their project to multiple qualified contractors. I can work with you to plan your project. As your ideas evolve, changes can be made in the computer and on paper much easier and with less cost than when your project is under construction. A well conceived and properly documented project can be built more efficiently and economically. Correcting issues or changing your mind as construction unfolds will generate much higher costs and should be avoided.

Making money:  Good design sells! Ask your local real estate agent. A well designed home has a higher re-sale value and sells more quickly. As much as we may love our homes, often we have to sell them. Curb appeal appeals to the emotion of home buying, and continued thoughtful design deals in the logic of how a home functions. These are important aspects of home design that translate to actual value. Although you may not be in the business of flipping homes for cash, someday you may have to sell your home. Investing properly and not over investing are important issues to be addressed during the planning stages of your project.

Simplify your life:  As your architect, I become your partner, a trusted adviser who has your interests in mind. I guide you through the maze of project planning, design, bidding and construction. The architect is the one person you will hire during the process of completing your project whose purpose is to advise you and protect your interests. Others may have a potential conflict of interest, and if left to advise you, may not give advice entirely in your best interest. The architect is the one professional who has the education, training, experience, and vision to guide you through the entire design and construction process, from helping you define what you want to build, to getting the most from your available budget.

Itís about chemistry:  Hiring an architect is about chemistry between both parties. Many of my clients become friends during the process and remain in contact years after. Because you cannot feel, see or touch the final product, you are hiring the person you feel most comfortable with as your guide providing judgment, technical expertise and creative skill throughout the process. Developing this working relationship is important to helping you realize a project that fits your dreams as well as your budget. My reputation is built on relationships that evolve beyond a single project.

Advocacy:  The process of building is often described as a three legged stool (owner, architect, and builder). Remove one leg and the stool falls over. Having a good relationship with your contractor is important. Having an architect, acting as your advocate is paramount, and brings stability to the overall team, each keeping one another working towards the common goal, your satisfaction and a successful project.

Green design:  Green building has a wide array of topics. As a true Yankee conservative, green building is in my nature. Together we will have to address which elements of green building are important to you and how to integrate these principles into your project. Above all, I find most of my clients want energy efficient designs; this is one of the most effective ways a home owner can participate in long term earth friendly practices. See FAQ Green Design. See FAQ Green Design


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