South End Flat- Originally designed as an Edwardian Flat style apartment, this condominium has been transformed to allow a more modern living arrangement. The apartmentís original design had the living room and the eating facilities at opposite ends of a long floor plan. These spaces were linked by a narrow hall with bedrooms to one side. Initially, the owners sought a kitchen and bath renovation leaving these functions in the same location but were open to possibilities. As their architect, I immediately saw the chance to transform this apartment from a series of rooms into a more gracious open living arrangement. The kitchen and dining functions were relocated to the front of the apartment while a new master suite was created in the rear. Without significant increase to their budget, this design concept transformed what was to be a simple kitchen and bath renovation into an entirely new apartment for todayís life style. The introduction of a custom stainless steel sink allowed the counter tops to be fabricated from one slab and avoided a seam in this highly modeled stone. GC: DeBord Construction, photos: Dennis Breyt



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