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The homeowners of this tired 1980s duplex condominium wanted a full transformation into something fresh, tailored, and new. They were well-acquainted with their space. They knew their common patterns of use, the angles at which the sun streams through the windows and loved their views of the water and the town’s famous Pilgrim Monument.

Connecting these desirable elements better to the way they used the home played a key role in the renovation and selection of finishes. A kitchen peninsula focused on the monument view now energizes the home for both daily experience and entertaining. For telecommuting, a workstation with a clear water view now occupies a space that was previously ignored. Christopher moved the fireplace to provide more open space, clear views and customized this element using a stone surround. A four-panel glass slider opens the living room to the condo’s charming outdoor space. Christopher’s reimagination maximized the functionality of the space and further highlights their already much-loved elements.

-General Contractor: Hal Winard