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Union Quadriplex

Boston MA (South End)

The owners of this townhouse settled here to enjoy what the city has to offer. Taking over an upper floor apartment, we combined four floors of this six-story row house into an apartment that feels like the old world meeting the new. Attention was paid to preserve historic detail that existed while some spaces had been stripped of history long ago. The home’s primary feature is the grand stair connecting the living levels. Given the historic stair is preserved and in the common space, a new modern stair was envisioned to recreate the traditional connection found in this type of housing. Open and grand, the new stair was constructed of maple and steel in contrast to the typical dark woods of the past, doorways were widened with recreated historic moldings for more openness. Previously stripped of history, the kitchen and dining rooms were completely transformed as new spaces, as was the uppermost floor. Light, wood, and color were central to the theme as this project was guided by a strong client vision.

-Contractor: Everstand Inc