Monument Oriel

Charlestown MA

Beautifully located in the historic neighborhood of the Bunker Hill Monument, the owners of this two-family home wanted more room to meet their growing family’s needs. With tight zoning regulations and an even tighter site, there was only one location to expand. The rooftop of an existing two-story addition commonly known as an “ell” could sustain another floor and be below the zoning regulations. Carefully crafted, the new master suite and renovated guest bath were efficiently tucked into a 230 square foot addition. The oriel, reaching the limits of zoning, allows for additional space in the master bedroom while adding Charlestown charm.

-Rendering: Cody Pratt

“I hired Chris for a second time to design my Charlestown brownstone. Just like with the last project, Chris did a fantastic job. Many Charlestown homes have a similar style, but not my new home. Chris designed it with exquisite detail for a finished look that is truly unique. The main focal point in the dining room is a gorgeous French door surrounded by windows. Chris has excellent ideas and carefully considers every situation for the optimal design. Everyone that visits the house is wowed by the details.
I know I will be working with Chris again!”