Lexington Grey- Nestled into a 1950s neighborhood of modest homes, this teardown and reconstruction was crafted to blend into its surroundings while providing the space this family needed to grow. After careful consideration of their options, the family decided remaining in their existing neighborhood was the best option. The solution was to expand up and out to create the living space desired. The roof of the existing home was removed, saving only the first floor walls. A taller second floor over the old home was installed and an addition was constructed in the rear. The interior was reorganized, allowing for a more spacious and open living environment. To complete this new home, the entire exterior was rebuilt. Working within the client’s budget, plans for a future kitchen renovation were accommodated in the design and construction of this project. GC: Whiting Builders whitingbuilders.com. In association with Joyce Design Partnership. Exterior Photos: Frank Caliri.



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