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Island Living

Jamestown RI

Centrally located in the wooded area of Jamestown, this 1980s house was in desperate need of a makeover. The new, creative owners sought to enjoy this near seaside location for its surrounding beauty. Unfortunately, this home was plagued with low ceilings, choppy spaces, and small windows. There was no clear view through the house and little view of the home’s primary focus: the backyard. A few walls, an ill-placed laundry room, and the upper kitchen cabinets obstructing the view were removed. New and added windows helped frame the view, creating openness and continuity. A pantry and small vestibule leading to the garage fulfilled much of home’s storage needs. The open volume was proportioned into traditional living spaces using architectural elements and furniture to further define a unique open concept home. The result is a clear and open view of the interior leading to a new cedar deck and the wooded backyard.

-Contractor: talented home owner and his friends