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Island Living

Jamestown RI

Located in a wooded area of Jamestown, this 1980s house desperately needed a makeover. The new, creative owners chose this coastal location for its surrounding beauty. Unfortunately, low ceilings, choppy spaces, and small windows robbed them of any clear views through the home and offered only a narrow view of the backyard–the home’s primary feature.

By removing a few walls, an ill-placed laundry room, and the upper kitchen cabinets, we achieved an open concept home with proportionate, traditional living spaces using architectural elements and traditional furniture placement.

With the upper cabinets gone, Christopher met the homeowner’s storage needs by adding a pantry and a small vestibule leading to the garage. A connection to the outside was created by framing the view with new windows increasing openness in two directions. The result is a clear and unobstructed view through the interior, leading to a new cedar deck, and on to the wooded backyard beyond.

During the second phase, Christopher transformed the front of the home with a more historically sensitive design incorporating new materials, colors, and details. The new proportionate windows create balance with a new central focal point. A metal roof over the porch enhances the home’s fresh look. The projecting bay on the upper level resolved the original disproportionate window arrangement and colliding roof lines. These improvements transformed the home from looking awkward to a current yet more historic design.

-Contractor: talented home owner and his friends