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Boston MA

Nestled between parallel brick walls exists the quintessential row house. This housing type is known around the world and prominent in the City of Boston. Popular among city dwellers, the row house offers compact vertical living in densely settled neighborhoods convenient to many amenities. Generally open concept in nature, the limited footprint dictates multi floor living. Although almost every row house is basically the same in concept, how each family chooses to implement their lifestyle on the basic concept can be remarkably different. The floor plate of this row house is under 600 sf. Designing livable spaces for the 21stcentury presents both a challenge and opportunity. Gutted to the masonry and floor joists, this reimagined house will have a live-in kitchen at the lowest level including space to entertain, recline and retreat. The upper floors compliment the lower level with living, sleeping and guests’ suites at the top floor. Working with the owners, Chris crafted a city home for this couple and their extended families to gather and spread out. Historic features were saved, restored and reconstructed while completely modernizing the house for 21st century life.

-Renderings: Cody Pratt