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Do Over

Newfields NH

After building the house of their dreams with a developer, the clients decided that attention had not been paid to many aspects of the home they so desired. Christopher collaborated with Ann Henderson Interiors, and collectively re-imagined the living environment with changes to both architecture and decoration. Rooms were reoriented and spaces defined. Walls, doors, and windows were moved, removed, and added, crafting living spaces with individual character from what was once undefined open space. Additionally, detailed moldings and custom millwork furnishings were designed and assembled into previously ambiguous spaces, adding the character one expects to find in a custom home. Ms. Hendersons fine attention to detail completed the home, tying spaces and elements together with color, form, and texture.

-General Contractor: White Water Mountain Design & Development LLC Phil LoChiatto

-Interiors: Ann Henderson Interiors

“Chris and I have had a very successful collaboration on the interior renovation of a home in NH. Not only is Chris visually astute with a great eye for architectural detail, scale and spatial relationships, he is as respectful and fun as he is clever. In working with the clients he showed an ability to listen and translate problems into practical and beautiful solutions which he helped illustrate beautifully in his working drawings. Articulate and careful, he is still free-spirited and fun in his outlook on design and project work. In putting our heads together to discuss problems, Chris was always respectful of my thoughts and I found it very easy to get to the core of problems and offer solutions that were truly collaborative. When collaboration works successfully in this manner, it is a total win/win for the client. I am happy and proud of this project which is about to go into construction. I look forward to working with Chris in future projects.” Ann Henderson